CILXJAM em Telheiras com Glenda Giacco

Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro/Telheiras

Este Domingo 1 de Abril temos o prazer de receber a visita de Glenda de Roma. Ela facilitará a aula de Contacto Improvisação.

This Sunday, April 1, we have the pleasure of Glenda’s visit from Rome. She will facilitate the Contact Improvisation class. 

5.30 – 6.30pm Contact Improvisation Class (Glenda Giacco)
6.30 – 8.30pm JAM

Photo by Glenda

Touch or not to touch?
The class is about relationship.... with yourself, with the others, with the floor, with the space
Getting in and out of contact
Dancing close, supporting with and without touching creating connection and trust!

Glenda Giacco is a dancer, Pilates teacher, masseuse and a student of osteopathy. She has studied dance and circus art in Madrid, Brussels and Rome; and she took part to many workshops around Europe. She has performed in instant composition pieces as well as in set pieces created by others and by herself.
She organizes Contact Improvisation gigs with RomaContact in Rome and in Italy. 

Doação/Donation: 3-5€    
(No one will be turned away for lack of funds)

Apoio/Support: Biblioteca Municipal Orlando Ribeiro

Antigo Solar da Nora, Estrada de Telheiras, 146 (Metro Telheiras, Bus: 47, 67, 78), Lisboa, Portugal

Pontos de Referência:
À saída do Metro Telheiras, “Colégio Alemão/Estrada de Telheiras”, seguir em frente pela Estrada de Telheiras até ao final. A biblioteca encontra-se do lado direito.
Do metro à biblioteca: cc de 5 minutos

Coming out at Metro Telheiras, exit “Colégio Alemão/Estrada de Telheiras,” follow straight ahead until the end of Estrada de Telheiras. The Library is on the right, at 5 minutes from the metro station.

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