CILXJAM in Second Life

This video is an excerpt of a Real Virtual Gamesexperiment at the Contacto Improvisação Lx Jam, Nov. 23, at Sou/movimento e arte, Lisboa, Portugal. 

An extension of
Real Virtual Games project, which develops interfaces for the embodied interaction between avatars and video streamed participants / performers.
In this trial, there is only the attempt of the avatar to interact with the performers. Continuing RVG, the intention is to familiarize and approach, instead of substituting, different modes of embodied communication (avatar-subjects' video image). Anticipating new 3D Metaverse, 3d environments that will problably expand the present and common email, chat, video and voice communication,  we are working towards creative and, of course, reciprocal interaction / interactivity.

We want to infuse virtual (and physical) bodies with less formatted, modeled movement behavior, and the possibility of opening avatars' vocabularies and interactive situations to other than solely club dancing and sexual encounters, on top of stereotyped common gestures copied from physical reality. 

We believe this hybrid environment can foster augmented modes of communication and play, including alternative forms of touch and fully engaged embodied modes of interfacing with and through the avatars, rather than just substituting our bodies by avatars, thus obliterating our physical body.

All the thanks for the Jam participants featured in the video!!!! 

the cilxjam team with RJV project
for more info contact: cilxjam@gmail.com
or visit: 

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